Project GPPD Battery Factory
Area 30,000m2
Location B1-A Lot, Binh Phuoc Becamex Industry, Minh Thanh Village, Chon Thanh District, Binh Phuoc Province.
Field Industry
Investor GPPD Energy Co.,Ltd
General Contractor WorldSteel Group


GPPD factory” project was established by GPPD Private Limited, a company with 100% Singapore investment. This is a green technology with the first factory in Vietnam that specializes in manufacturing mercury-free alkaline zinc manganese batteries, mercury-free alkaline zinc battery accessories.

Holding company of  GPPD Energy Co.,Ltd called Trung Ngan (Ninh Ba) Battery Energy Co.,Ltd with over 60 years of battery production experience and is the first alkaline battery manufacturer in the world, achieving the unmanned output fully automatic. In particular, this is the largest dry cell battery production site in Asia and its base in Vietnam is also the third largest dry cell factory in the world.

The project is located in Binh Phuoc Becamex Industrial Park with a total area of 30,000m², including 3 large main factories, 1 office and warehouse area. It is expected that after completion, the factory’s total capacity will be 936,000,000 products/year. In particular, phase 1 is 336 million products/year and phase 2 is 6 million products/year.

WorldSteel join in with the role of General Contractor, we have over 10 years of construction industrial experience, received the trust of investors, we determined to concentrate all resources to complete the project in the best way.


WorldSteel Group is a leading enterprise in steel structure in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. We supply logistics solutions that comprise designing, manufacturing and erecting.