Pakokku Thiho Shin Pagoda Festival

Thiho Shin is one of the pagodas that holds the annual traditional Pagoda holiday of the people of Myanmar, to commemorate the historical events of Pagoda. The Pagoda festival is determined by a traditional Buddhist lunar calendar, so it may shift a few weeks every year, this 2020 it happens on June 4 according to international calendar and each pagoda festival will take place for a few days.

A view of Thiho Shin Pagoda

Thiho Shin Pagoda Festival is celebrated in the town of Pakokku in the Magwe division on the bank of the Irrawaddy River. This is a crucial occasion for people in the vicinity because it is an opportunity for people living around to trade, exchange with the pilgrims who attend the festival after a long time of cultivating in this dry land, through the fair formed around the Pagoda on the day of the festival. Popular items sold at the fair are dried bean stew, woven baskets, tobacco and Thanakha, besides, Thanakha here is rated as the best quality in Myanmar.

The reason that the pagoda attracts the large number of tourists and pilgrims is probably due to the ancient and sacred nature of the temple, along with the three standing golden Buddha statues that pilgrims pray to.

Three standing golden Buddha statues

When the festival takes place, red-robed Buddhist monks walk across the temple grounds to receive offerings from pilgrims and festival attendees. Farmers and merchants here will donate a portion of their profits to the pagoda, and the monks will use the proceeds from the temple festival to maintain their own expenses and pay for maintenance of the temple throughout the year.

Today’s pagoda festival is not just a pagoda anniversary, but has become a traditional day of the Buddhist country of Myanmar, where pilgrims, festival goers from all over the country flock to trade with people in difficult climates and terrain, and donate to help the monks protect the pagoda, which helped preserve the historical beauty and tradition of Burmese.

World Steel wishes the Thiho Shin Pagoda Festival all the best!

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