Topping Out Ceremony Of Gppd Project

On May 10th, 2020, the general contractor WorldSteel Group and the investor GPPD Energy Co., Ltd. successfully organized the topping out ceremony of GPPD battery factory project, located in Becamex Industrial Park – Binh Phuoc (Minh Thanh commune, Chon Thanh district, Binh Phuoc province).

The event was attended by the investor, the general contractor WorldSteel Group and partners who accompanied during the construction process such as:

  • Representative of the investor
  • General contractor WorldSteel Group
  • Representative of IZ management board
  • Supervision Consultant
  • M&E contractor WorldMep
  • Lots of other partners

Experiencing many difficulties and challenges, WorldSteel Group always tries in each construction phase to complete the project in accordance with the technical standards and quality as committed.

The GPPD battery factory project has an area of over 30,000m2 with large items such as:

  • 2 office buildings with 4 floors
  • Factories 1, 2 & 3
  • Lots of sub items & finishing items
  • Construction period has been 2.5 months
  • Status of completion up to: 85%
  • Expected progress: hand over on schedule

All process of implementing the project in accordance with the acceptance requirements of quality and commitment.

The steel structure produced for the project complies with American quality standards (IAS AC472 Standard) at WorldSteel Factory (WorldSteel Group Factory is the first and the only place in Asia at the present time that has been verified and inspected by this quality process with all the most rigorous elements at all stages to ensure to bring the American quality steel structure products to the market).

In particular, this is a green technology project with the first factory in Vietnam that specializes in manufacturing mercury-free alkaline zinc manganese batteries, mercury-free alkaline zinc battery accessories. The total capacity of the plant is expected to reach 936 million products/year; in which, phase 1 is 336 million products/year and phase 2 is 600 million products/year.

Immediately after the topping out ceremony, the Project Steering Committee continued to promptly implement the construction of the remaining items, aiming to complete and hand over the project to the Investor as committed.

WorldSteel is a pioneer in the field of steel structure in Vietnam, the first and only company in Asia to achieve IAS AC472 certificate. All steel structure products manufactured by WorldSteel strictly follow IAS AC472 quality process. WorldSteel always strives to bring high quality products of international standard, in accordance with the needs of customers. “Accompanying WorldSteel, accompanying success”.


WorldSteel – Continue Export Steel Structures To The Us Market

In recent years, the society has been increasingly developing in the direction of industrialization – modernization, which has promoted a lot of growing industries, including the construction sector. One of the new solutions for the construction industry today is the research and manufacture of a new material, which is steel structure.

Steel structures are used in almost all constructions from small to large, from houses to high-rise buildings. Compared with reinforced concrete, steel structure has many outstanding advantages.

Recently, the steel structures were packed at the factory of WORLD STEEL Construction Joint Stock Company, successfully exported to the US market. It is known that in the past, WORLD STEEL Construction Joint Stock Company was the first company to export steel structures to the US market, and today we continue to cooperate with the US market again. This project marks an important milestone in WORLD STEEL’s export strategy.

From there, we can see that the US market famous for its fastidiousness has started to cooperate with Vietnamese enterprises, confirming that the quality of steel structures produced by WorldSteel Group has reached international standards.

The structure is treated with anti-corrosion paint at the factory to increase durability against environmental agents. In particular, the United States has a relatively harsh climate, requiring materials that must be durable as well as surface coatings to ensure the ability to reduce the negative impact of the environment on steel structures.

With a high level of skill, advanced equipments and especially the human factor at WorldSteel Group, the products after production are more guaranteed, more polished in each cut, finally reaching the perfect in assembling and using.

WorldSteel Group is proud to cooperate with countries around the world. We are ready to create the best quality steel structure products for our customers and will constantly affirm our position, not only domestically but also reaching out to other countries in the world.