Pakokku Thiho Shin Pagoda Festival

Thiho Shin is one of the pagodas that holds the annual traditional Pagoda holiday of the people of Myanmar, to commemorate the historical events of Pagoda. The Pagoda festival is determined by a traditional Buddhist lunar calendar, so it may shift a few weeks every year, this 2020 it happens on June 4 according to international calendar and each pagoda festival will take place for a few days.

A view of Thiho Shin Pagoda

Thiho Shin Pagoda Festival is celebrated in the town of Pakokku in the Magwe division on the bank of the Irrawaddy River. This is a crucial occasion for people in the vicinity because it is an opportunity for people living around to trade, exchange with the pilgrims who attend the festival after a long time of cultivating in this dry land, through the fair formed around the Pagoda on the day of the festival. Popular items sold at the fair are dried bean stew, woven baskets, tobacco and Thanakha, besides, Thanakha here is rated as the best quality in Myanmar.

The reason that the pagoda attracts the large number of tourists and pilgrims is probably due to the ancient and sacred nature of the temple, along with the three standing golden Buddha statues that pilgrims pray to.

Three standing golden Buddha statues

When the festival takes place, red-robed Buddhist monks walk across the temple grounds to receive offerings from pilgrims and festival attendees. Farmers and merchants here will donate a portion of their profits to the pagoda, and the monks will use the proceeds from the temple festival to maintain their own expenses and pay for maintenance of the temple throughout the year.

Today’s pagoda festival is not just a pagoda anniversary, but has become a traditional day of the Buddhist country of Myanmar, where pilgrims, festival goers from all over the country flock to trade with people in difficult climates and terrain, and donate to help the monks protect the pagoda, which helped preserve the historical beauty and tradition of Burmese.

World Steel wishes the Thiho Shin Pagoda Festival all the best!

Topping Out Ceremony Of Gppd Project

On May 10th, 2020, the general contractor WorldSteel Group and the investor GPPD Energy Co., Ltd. successfully organized the topping out ceremony of GPPD battery factory project, located in Becamex Industrial Park – Binh Phuoc (Minh Thanh commune, Chon Thanh district, Binh Phuoc province).

The event was attended by the investor, the general contractor WorldSteel Group and partners who accompanied during the construction process such as:

  • Representative of the investor
  • General contractor WorldSteel Group
  • Representative of IZ management board
  • Supervision Consultant
  • M&E contractor WorldMep
  • Lots of other partners

Experiencing many difficulties and challenges, WorldSteel Group always tries in each construction phase to complete the project in accordance with the technical standards and quality as committed.

The GPPD battery factory project has an area of over 30,000m2 with large items such as:

  • 2 office buildings with 4 floors
  • Factories 1, 2 & 3
  • Lots of sub items & finishing items
  • Construction period has been 2.5 months
  • Status of completion up to: 85%
  • Expected progress: hand over on schedule

All process of implementing the project in accordance with the acceptance requirements of quality and commitment.

The steel structure produced for the project complies with American quality standards (IAS AC472 Standard) at WorldSteel Factory (WorldSteel Group Factory is the first and the only place in Asia at the present time that has been verified and inspected by this quality process with all the most rigorous elements at all stages to ensure to bring the American quality steel structure products to the market).

In particular, this is a green technology project with the first factory in Vietnam that specializes in manufacturing mercury-free alkaline zinc manganese batteries, mercury-free alkaline zinc battery accessories. The total capacity of the plant is expected to reach 936 million products/year; in which, phase 1 is 336 million products/year and phase 2 is 600 million products/year.

Immediately after the topping out ceremony, the Project Steering Committee continued to promptly implement the construction of the remaining items, aiming to complete and hand over the project to the Investor as committed.

WorldSteel is a pioneer in the field of steel structure in Vietnam, the first and only company in Asia to achieve IAS AC472 certificate. All steel structure products manufactured by WorldSteel strictly follow IAS AC472 quality process. WorldSteel always strives to bring high quality products of international standard, in accordance with the needs of customers. “Accompanying WorldSteel, accompanying success”.


Worldsteel Welcome International Labor Day 01/05

May begins with the International Labor Day, also known as International Workers’ Day in some countries, is a national, public holiday in many countries across the world. This is not just an occasion to honor the achievements of labourers and the working classes, but also an occasion for all employees to rest and take a break after a period of hard work. 


WorldSteel Group is pleased to announce to our customers, partners the holiday time of Labor Day as follows:

  • Holiday time: Thursday (April 30th, 2020) (Vietnam’s Reunification Day) and Friday (May 1st, 2020)
  • Rework time: Saturday (May 2nd, 2020)

On this occasion, WorldSteel Group would like to wish our customers, partners a warm and happy holiday with family and relatives, always healthy and achieve success in life!

While the Covid-19 epidemic was not yet completely terminated, we respectfully request that customers, partners to pay attention to safety when going out and participating in social activities.

During the holidays, the WorldSteel support channels are still operating normally, if you have any needs, please contact WorldSteel via the following information channels:


  • Hotline: +84 908 602 779
  • Email:
  • Social: Zalo / Viber
  • Receiving information: contact directly to WorldSteel’s SALE DEPARTMENT, receive requests for quotation and new project information, taking care of the customer who has projects in WorldSteel.


  • Hotline: +84 919 936 279
  • Email:
  • Social: Zalo/ Viber
  • Receiving information: contact directly to PURCHASING DEPARTMENT at WorldSteel Group, information related to purchasing and supplier issues, purchasing contracts, receive supplier cooperation and registration as a supplier at WorldSteel Group requirements


  • Hotline: +84 913 813 779
  • Email:
  • Social: Zalo/ Viber
  • Receiving information: contact directly to WorldSteel’s SUBCONTRACT DEPARTMENT, receiving information about subcontractors, registration as a supplier requirements and resolve the issues related to the subcontractors at WorldSteel Group.


  • Hotline: +84 919 335 279
  • Email:
  • Social: Zalo/ Viber
  • Receiving information: receive information about under construction process project, quality control of construction and issues related to under construction process project, support to resolve issues related to under construction process project, the work way of construction Management. 


  • Hotline: +84 919 115 279
  • Email:
  • Social: Zalo/ Viber
  • Receiving information: receive information about personnel feedback in WorldSteel system, solve personnel issues and receive candidates information.

Welcome The International Women’s Day – March 8th

On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of International Women’s Day, WorldSteel held a warm gathering called “Born to shine” for all women at WorldSteel. The ceremony brought so much fun for all the ladies of WorldSteel Group.

Before the ceremony started, The HR department held the flower arranging competition for men only. This competition brought a lot of fun to WorldSteel’s women. Through it, WorldSteel’s men have shown the flair, creativity, although also a bit clumsy, but the final result was still a beautiful flower bouquet for all WorldSteel’s ladies on March 8th.

Took part in this ceremony was more than 80 officers, officials and employees of WorldSteel. Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam – CEO of WorldSteel Group shared: “Women play a very important role in family life and especially women working in the field of steel structure. Thus, we can say that these WorldSteel’s women like dynamic and dedicated “Steel Roses”. On the occasion of the March 8th, wishing you have a good health and happiness in your life, achieve all your goals in family and get success at your work.

Mr. Nguyen Khanh Lam – CEO of WorldSteel Group gave the best wishes to the WorldSteel’s women.

The atmosphere of the ceremony was warm and happy, fresh bouquets and meaningful gifts have been given in lieu of thanks for the ladies of WorldSteel.

The atmosphere of the ceremony was happy at WorldSteel’s office.
The congratulations on March 8th meeting at WorldSteel Group Factory.

The International Women’s Day has been going with meaningful activities. This is how WorldSteel’s Management expressed their concern to all the members of WorldSteel Group. We hope all WorldSteel’s women in particular and women in the World in general have a meaningful International Women’s Day. We hope all the women of WorldSteel will believe in us, to keep on trying and dedicated to the company.


WorldSteel – Continue Export Steel Structures To The Us Market

In recent years, the society has been increasingly developing in the direction of industrialization – modernization, which has promoted a lot of growing industries, including the construction sector. One of the new solutions for the construction industry today is the research and manufacture of a new material, which is steel structure.

Steel structures are used in almost all constructions from small to large, from houses to high-rise buildings. Compared with reinforced concrete, steel structure has many outstanding advantages.

Recently, the steel structures were packed at the factory of WORLD STEEL Construction Joint Stock Company, successfully exported to the US market. It is known that in the past, WORLD STEEL Construction Joint Stock Company was the first company to export steel structures to the US market, and today we continue to cooperate with the US market again. This project marks an important milestone in WORLD STEEL’s export strategy.

From there, we can see that the US market famous for its fastidiousness has started to cooperate with Vietnamese enterprises, confirming that the quality of steel structures produced by WorldSteel Group has reached international standards.

The structure is treated with anti-corrosion paint at the factory to increase durability against environmental agents. In particular, the United States has a relatively harsh climate, requiring materials that must be durable as well as surface coatings to ensure the ability to reduce the negative impact of the environment on steel structures.

With a high level of skill, advanced equipments and especially the human factor at WorldSteel Group, the products after production are more guaranteed, more polished in each cut, finally reaching the perfect in assembling and using.

WorldSteel Group is proud to cooperate with countries around the world. We are ready to create the best quality steel structure products for our customers and will constantly affirm our position, not only domestically but also reaching out to other countries in the world.

WorldSteel received the 9th of “top 10 Brands – Trademarks” of 2019

On June 2nd, 2019, at the awarding ceremony for the Enterprise winning the 9th “Top 10 Brands – Trademarks” of 2019, World Steel Construction Joint Stock Company was recognized as one of the “Top 10 Brands – Trademarks 2019 ”in the construction industry, WorldSteel Brand is extremely honored to receive this prestigious award.

The 9th “Top 10 Brands – Trademarks” award of 2019 is implemented to honor businesses with many achievements in production and business activities and to contribute positively to the community, society and trusted by consumers. The survey program is applied in accordance with Article 75 – Law on Intellectual Property with 8 criteria including:

  1. The number of relevant consumers who were aware of the mark by purchase or use of goods or services bearing the mark, or from advertising.
  2. The territorial area in which goods or services bearing the mark are circulated.
  3. Turnover of the sale of goods or provision of services bearing the mark or the quantity of goods sold or services provided.
  4. Duration of continuous use of the mark.
  5. Wide reputation of goods or services bearing the mark.
  6. Number of countries protecting the mark.
  7. Number of countries recognizing the mark as a well known mark.
  8. Assignment price, licensing price, or investment capital contribution value of the mark.

Participate in an annual survey of prestigious brands nationwide by Intellectual Property Institute, Vietnam Union of Entrepreneurial Science in collaboration with agencies and publish the results on last June 2nd, 2019, World Steel Construction Joint Stock Company under the WORLD STEEL brand was honored to be voted as a typical enterprise of the “Top 10 Brands – Trademarks in 2019” in the field of pre-engineered steel buildings and steel structure. This is a significant milestone, marking the attempts and efforts of all employees and the support and trust from partners and customers for the company over the years.

WorldSteel has many years of experience in the design and implementation of prefabricated steel structure buildings. The strength of creating the appearance of the company today is in the field of industrial construction, hundreds of projects in key industrial areas across the country have been designed and built by WorldSteel. We cooperate with customers at home and abroad with many different items: factory, warehouse, packaging factory,… and other large commercial buildings in Ho Chi Minh City. WorldSteel is highly appreciated by customers for its outstanding quality and professionalism, the key solution that determines the success of the company is pre-engineered steel buildings, one of the pioneers in the Ho Chi Minh City city area, also has a wide market throughout the provinces of the country. We have deployed the production and erection of steel frames as required for many customers, the factory of steel trusses meets international quality standards, raw steel materials are imported directly, so the price is always controlled, let customers save maximum initial operating costs.

World Steel Earned “Business For Green Environment And Sustainable Development” Award

(SHTT) – On September 12th, 2018, WORLD STEEL – Professional Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings was honored to receive the award “Businesses for green environment and sustainable development” organized  by the Vietnam Union of Entrepreneurs Science Association in collaboration with Research Institute for Small and Medium Businesses.

This is an activity towards the month of environmental action. Activities on environmental protection will change the awareness of every individual, every business should speak out by taking positive actions for the environment, taking part in activities in response to the World Environment Day 2018. Furthermore, we must also be committed to developing a green, sustainable, effective economy without destroying the environment, preserving biodiversity with a general purpose for our future and future generations to be better and better.

Within the framework of the program, 60 Vietnamese businesses were honored and recognized to meet the “green” and “sustainable” standards. The program “Businesses for green environment and sustainable development” is organized  by the Vietnam Union of Entrepreneurs Science Association in collaboration with Research Institute for Small and Medium Businesses. This is an activity towards the month of environmental action.

World Steel Joint Stock Company is recognized as an business for green environment and sustainable development

The communication program “Businesses for green environment and sustainable development” was launched to continue promoting the national strategy on green growth, strengthening information and communication, propaganda to organizations, units, businesses and the whole society about the role and meaning of green growth, promoting the use of clean energy, renewable energy, reducing emissions intensity and greening in production.

In addition, the program aims to stimulate, motivate and encourage organizations, units and businesses to apply technology in production, build a closed fabricating process, save energy, regenerate and recycling in manufacturing so as to improve production capacity, compete to produce prestigious and quality product brands in order to create green products that are environmentally friendly. At the same time, promote the emulation and commendation activities to help businesses perform well the task of environmental protection and sustainable development in the future.

Advanced Training Knowledge On Iso 9001: 2015 Standard

The ISO 9001 series is an international standard that is designed to assist organizations of all types and sizes in establishing, implementing and operating effective quality management systems. ISO 9001 is maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which is currently operating on a certificate of accreditation rights.

In order to help World Steel Joint Stock Company employees have more knowledge about ISO standards as well as how to apply to each business, WorldSteel organized a training to disseminate knowledge to officials and employees, experts Tran Ngoc Dung is in charge of training.